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Goldchess - a chance for immortality


Chess got lost a bit. When I look at those chess tournaments, games for masses, where everyone treats others as rivals, those fights for points, rankings, winners, everything is so limited, so narrowed down to a sort of an athletic competition. All of that makes too little sense.

Ok, the tournament was organized, 1000 games were played. The question is, how many of them deserve to be remembered, admired, honored, and immortalized? How many of them will make the history of chess? What is the contribution of the players of a particular tournament to the legacy of chess heritage? If there is no such contribution whatsoever, why did this tournament take place at all? Couldn’t they just play some leg games under the table? Intellectually it would do as much difference.

In Goldchess, this style of tournament fades away and practically does not exist. The most important thing is creativity, creating a game that will live forever. Shown after 100 or 1000 years from now, it will still amaze the spectators. And we reward players for such games. For the chess player, the creator of a game, there is double satisfaction. He also has a chance to get the immortality in the world of chess. Goldchess gives you a pass to eternity.


Feel free to join us.

Millionaire proposal


  1.  We proposed to chess players around the world, regardless of their nationality, race and religion, an exceptional tournament –Millionaire, for millions of participants. This number is not a problem because in a few leading chess portals there are more than 50 million chess players registered.
    The problem is just that the current situation in the chess world is ill. There is no cooperation, no friendship. Chess portals hate each other like dogs.
    We will change it. We will restore good relations and harmony in the chess world. Portals hostile to others and blocking the development of chess, such as and, if they do not change, will go to the margin, at their own request.
  2. We proposed in the 1st Edition the prize pool of USD 500 000 (with at least 15 000 participants), just to start with, because with one million players, entry fees allow us to give much higher prizes and make our tournament the world’s blockbuster.

Currently there are neither million players or a required minimum. But the tournament must take place and it will take place.
That is why we are postponing the starting day with one week, to 20thApril and we are extending a possibility of paying an entry fee to 20thApril.
Feel Invited


Alpha 0 vs Goldchess


Alpha 0 won with Stockfish and is able to win with every chess player on the globe. Some of the Grandmasters claim that it may kill chess. In such a state of affairs Goldchess seems to be the last bastion of chess on Earth. If Alpha 0 fails to solve Goldchess tasks, and we're sure it does, chess will be saved. :)

Kasparov show


Dear Chess Players,

on the GoldChess we are creating a new image of Kasparov. We have decided that Kasparov, one of the most brilliant chess players in chess history, cannot lose any particular game with white pieces. Therefore, we have worked on all those games and we are beating every Garry's opponent, one by one. We have already defeated Lerner, Anikaev and Tigran Petrosyan twice. We are going to "take care" of such famous players like Spassky, Korchnoi and Karpov himself. The names do not paralize us, we are going to handle them all.  The reason that we are able to do it is because our trusted CEEC plays instead of those players. The program is a greedy pawn eater and a cute amateur of "poisoned" pieces. And by being such, he cannot defend positions that are chosen by us :)

We invite you to take part in the first Kasparov's show on GoldChess. This event will take place on Thursday 13th of July - Non Stop tournament. During the competition participants will get the opportunity to comprehend Kasparov's style and level which will allow them to improve their skills as well. 


GoldChess entertains, teaches and shows beauty of chess. I will not even mention prizes in dollars this time :) On Thursday, $500.


Have fun!

There is no chess, without… Goldchess


Goldchess Immortal Tournament - it starts in June 3rd, 5 pm CET
We are preparing a Goldchess Hit for the month of May: a new amazing tournament called Goldchess Immortal.
The title speaks for itself: only immortal Goldchess games are to be played.
You may join the tournament at any time of the day or night from any place in the world.
5-10 games selected for each player by our wheel of fortune.
Minimum prize pool: US$ 5,000!
This coming May!

Goldchess in the world


Next World Goldchess tournament, Johannesburg South Africa, April 18

Goldchess – a chess riddle of the 21st century


Goldchess Tournaments pose a challenge to amateur and professional chess players from all over the world.

How could one fail to win a game starting from a given position, even if the result has to be achieved in a manner specified by the Organizer, if the game was previously won by an amateur and the player is only expected to copy his/her solution, whereas the computer defending the position plays at a level of 1800???

And yet, the practice has shown that not everyone can win, and Goldchessoffers both easy and difficult problems.However, the most amazing thing is that making the strongest moves does not do the job and does not result in the specified win, which puts the best players, that is Grandmasters, in a quite difficult position.That provides an opportunity for new generations of chess players.

In most cases it is also very difficult, although not impossible, to make the strongest moves and defeat the application in a different way or in less moves than the author did, while meeting at the same time the prerequisites for the correct solution to the problem.It’s a stalemate.And that’s most amazing.The third strange thing is that much stronger chess programs do not come up with solutions adequate for Goldchess.We completed tests with Fritz and Rybka, and currently Stockfish and Houdini trials are underway.

In addition, the Goldchess positions and combinations are original ones, and majority of them have not been encountered during tournaments so far.

What’s the method for solving Goldchess problems, then?

The most simple way is to match the “taste” of CEEC, that is our chess computer, or to find the author’s solution, which is the most reliable way to win a prize.

And here logic, imagination and independent thinking are more important than the knowledge of chess.It means that amateurs not “contaminated” with chess stereotypes, as well as professional players not “overloaded” with chess knowledge have the greatest chance to win.Would you like to try your luck?Choose a problem that matches your aspirations and play!The Non Stop Tournament, the CEEC and the prizes are waiting for you.

P.S.Playing against CEEC, as against any competitor during a traditional tournament, consists in taking the advantage of the opponent’s mistakes. And as regards CEEC, you can often assume, foresee and provoke such mistakes, which means that you can plan a winning variant.


You need also to remember that CEEC:

1. will play in a different or weaker way than you think;

2. will play the way you want it to play if you induce it to do so.

CEEC likes running into ambushes and that can be you method for winning a game.

Therefore, you need to play, try and undo moves as you wish, as it is allowed, or even recommended in Goldchess.By clicking File-Reopen you can get back to the initial position. By clicking the move you want to change you will get back to that move.

Have fun!

the Goldchess Team

Vidit Gujrathi is the patron of Goldchess


Vidit Gujrathi recently became a patron of Goldchess for the year 2017. What exactly is Goldchess? In this article you get to know all about the portal. The founders of Goldchess have decided to host a tournament specially for Indian players with a prize money of US $2,200. There are 50 free entry coupons to be won. 

Goldchess is a website with tournaments whose prize funds range from US$2,000 to US$50,000. Every chess player is eligible to take part in our tournaments. Professionals and amateurs, from all over the world, are welcome to participate in our events, upon having paid the entry fees.

Tournaments are played online, without having to leave your house. The participants play against the CEEC, an educational computer program, whose level hovers around 1800. The program can be downloaded for free on our site. The players solve tasks which begin from given positions, and have precise instructions. The objectives are checkmating or forcing the program to resignation. The commands are given by the Organizer in the same file which contains the tasks position.

The first step is to download the chess program on the front page of the gold chess website. You will need to input the codes available to you in order to activate the program.

Goldchess also has free games available to everybody. For example, the game Gold0, free of charge, is meant for players under the age of 16. The game Genius Test, also free of charge, can be played by anybody. The prizes range from $50 in Gold0, to hundreds of dollars in Genius Test. 

On the right hand corner you can see the Genius test and GoldChess0. Both of these are free tests and can be tried by anyone. After you click on he genius test the following page opens... 
...If you haven't downloaded the program, then do so from here and activate it with the codes. You must then download the position, which is essentially a PGN file and open it with the above mentioned CEEC program. You can also see the task that you have - checkmate with a bishop on move 25.
The position comes up on the board once you open up the PGN in the CEEC software. Now your task is play against this weak engine and checkmate him with a bishop on move 25! If you manage to do that you win prize money.

Grandmaster Jacek Stopa works with Goldchess, and in the video below he explains how solving Goldchess position can help you improve as a chess player

This 17 minute video gives you all the details that you need to know about the Goldchess program. It was recorded when Jacek was in Mumbai for the IIFLW tournament in January 2017.

Goldchess and the Indian connection

GM Vidit Gujrathi is the patron of the Goldchess website for 2017

On February 25th, this Saturday, Goldchess will host an "Indian edition" of the Non Stop online tournament on their website. Games of GM Vidit and GM Grover were used to make problems for the tournament. Everyone is invited to take part in this event and a prize pool of $2200 prize pool is waiting! 

Note: As per Goldchess website the competition with take place on 25th February at 11.00 a.m New York time. This translates to 21.30 Indian time on the 25th. 

50 players who send me a personal message on my Facebook page with the right answer will get a free license code to take part in this Indian week on GoldChess.  

The recipient of the license code must be a registered user. He or she needs to log into their Goldchess account, go to "My Account," and open the tab "Promotional Codes." The rest is easy - there is only one field left to be filled out, where the license code is entered, and then click "Use." If the code is correct, has not been used before and its validity has not expired, an appropriate Game will be added to the player's account. 

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GM Vidit Joins Goldchess-from GM Colovic blog


I occasionally write about Goldchess and its aim to become one of the most prominent chess sites on the web. The people behind it are serious in their endeavours and their latest addition only proves the fact.
GM Vidit, rated 2673 as of this February, is one of the young and promising Indian grandmasters, who together with Adhiban, Sethuraman and Harikrishna was part of the fantastic Indian team that finished 4th (shared, but with best tie-break) at the Baku Olympiad last year. He had the best score on the team (8/11) and in this year’s Wijk tournament he served as Anish Giri’s second.
Goldchess identified Vidit as a bright prospect who can help popularise the site in Asia and they made him a patron of the site. Recently Goldchess has been developing rapidly and truly is a chess site of the near future! Currently they are running the 5th edition of the Non-stop Weekly Tournament and you are welcome to take part in the future editions. Please take a look at their site for more information.
To conclude, I would like to show you one of Vidit’s games from the Olympiad. He started with 5/5 and the last win from that streak was against Arkadij Naiditsch (who represented Azerbaijan). The final theme of domination is very pretty.
GM Colovic

GM Colovic about Goldchess


Goldchess Take on Carlsen-Karjakin
What happens when a strong GM decides to have fun over a game of chess, letting his imagination roam free, possibly fuelled by a glass of French wine and fine English cheese?
Goldchess is the place to go when having such thoughts. As you already know, they offer various positions, often from famous games (here's their take on Anand-Gelfand from 2012) and reward lavishly the best efforts.
What follows is a flight of imagination, I see a relaxed atmosphere in a friendly place, a game between good friends with a lot of laughter and a time well spent. Perhaps set in a Shakespearean Midsummer.
That's what seeing games like the one below remind me of. That chess is not always the gruelling fight to win points and rating, the constant preparation and will to win. Chess can be relaxing and fun, stress-free and pleasant.
Playing white is the strong Polish GM Artur Jakubiec and he takes on Goldchess's computer in a brutal tour de force. Take a look at the game and let yourself drift away.

Christmas Non Stop Tournament


On 25 December, at 05:00 p.m. CET, a special Christmas Non Stop Tournament will start. 


Double-triple prizes, $2,000 for the 5th game! A prize pool of $5,000!

And what is more, the Goldchess Web Site has something special for you!

5 extraordinary games - problems, all starting from the same position!


Please be aware that the Christmas Edition of the Non Stop Tournament will last for only 70 minutes (1st game - 10 minutes, 2nd - 10 minutes, 3rd - 15 minutes, 4th - 15 minutes, 5th - 20 minutes). 


The 5th game will be available only after 50 minutes of the Tournament, at 05:50 p.m. CET.


From 06:10 p.m CET it will be no longer possible to download the chess problems, and the Tournament results will be announced between 06:30 p.m. and 07:00 p.m. CET. 


Feel invited!

Universal Instruction 2


Goldchess is a site with tournaments whose prize funds range from $2.000 to $50.000. Every chessplayer is eligible to take part in our tournaments. We welcome both professionals and amateurs, from all over the world, to participate in our events, upon having paid the entry fees.

In each tournament you can play unlimited number of chess players.

Goldchess tournaments are played online, without having to leave your house. The participants play against the CEEC, an educational computer program, whose level hovers around 1800. The program can be downloaded for free on our site. The players solve tasks which begin from given positions, and have precise instructions. The objectives are checkmating or forcing the program to resignation. The commands are given by the Organizer in the same file which contains the tasks position.

Example: The GIG Small: all of the information regarding the tournament is readily   available on the website, when the participant clicks on the GIG Small tab. The participants are also welcome to read the Abridged Regulations available in the Regulation tab. The same information is available in the Winners and Results sections. Examples of tasks and solutions are available in the Winners tab. The main example can be found in Analysis tab.


Goldchess also has free games available to everybody. For example, the game Gold0, free of charge, is meant for players under the age of 16. The game Genius Test, also free of charge, can be played by anybody. The prizes range from $50 in Gold0, to hundreds of dollars in Genius Test. The October task for Genius Test will have a $300 prize.

GM Alex Colovic comments


Goldchess - Quest for Beauty

Chess is a beautiful game and that is why we love it. Beauty in chess can take many forms – as I have grown in strength and understanding I find beauty in little moves like h3 or a3 or Carlsen’s endgame technique. But even for me beauty in chess is first and foremost associated with sacrifices and mating attacks.
The idea behind the Goldchess Goldchess project is to promote beauty in chess in its most widely accepted form, but things do not stop here – there is a very 21st century sweet detail. Apart from delivering a crushing checkmate, what would be the greatest pleasure for any modern chess player? I think, without a doubt, that would be beating a computer! But we all know that this is practically impossible! So where is the catch?
The founders of Goldchess found a solution and their concept is the following. You get to play a computer (called CEEC, which stands for Chess Elite Educational Computer), whose strength is between 1800-1900, from a position where you are given a task. The tasks are something like “White to play and deliver mated on move 24 with a queen from e8” so it’s not that easy to beat the machine! You have to download the CEEC (for free, of course) as its interface is also used for saving and submitting solutions. See here for detailed instructions on how to play.
It is not only beauty that is attractive with Goldchess, there is also quite a lot of cash flying around. The weekly problems can net you $200 while the monthly puzzles can make you richer for several thousand dollars! There are different conditions for different puzzles – sometimes you need to be fastest, sometimes you need to be lucky (to be drawn from the pool of people who have submitted the correct solution) and sometimes you have to beat the author and deliver the mate one move earlier (in which case the prize may become 10 times bigger)!
The best part of the whole idea is that it’s free and you can “cheat” by taking moves back and trying various lines and options against the computer – as long as you eventually solve the task it doesn’t matter how many times you have tried. And in order to play for the really big money there is a licence that can be bought for only $25 and you can fight for the total prize fund of $25,000 – 5 problems with prizes of $5,000 each. Similarly lush, Goldchess has a World Cup with a first prize of $10,000, it is open for registration as you read this and it will take place in 2017.
Here I have grouped the links where you can find more information about the specifics.
Goldchess Zero – no fee required and for amateurs only, $50 weekly prize, the fastest to submit the solution wins.
Independent Chess Department – the fastest one to solve the problem wins (time is measured by the CEEC), weekly puzzles.
Information on the prizes – range from $50 to $50,000. You can also check the list of winners and see the amounts they have won.
Goldchess Express – the latest introduction.
World Cup – with first prize of $10,000 it is definitely worth attending!
It is notable that the whole project is under the patronage of GM Aleksander Mista, triple World Champion in team problem solving. In my opinion this is a very exciting project and I invite you to give it a try. For starters, here’s the position for the month of August (worth $200) to whet your appetite (since for the detailed instructions you will have to visit the official site tomorrow after 5pm CET):
White to play
GM Alex Colovic


Universal Instructions


Some chess players seem not to understand at all what Goldchess is about. The problem with a prize of $200 - see diagram in Genius Test, July - was as follows: to win in 24 moves, and to capture the queen (for additional information see -Results-Genius Test-). Meanwhile one of the players submitted a “solution”, which was a mate in 66 moves played against a different computer. Can you understand that? We can’t. The rules of Goldchess are clear and simple.
On you start from a given position, and you play only against CEEC, our computer that can be downloaded from three locations on the homepage: the -download -, Genius test and Gold 0 sections on the Rook.
The -How to play- link on the Rook leads to a page with instructions and a video showing how to play and solve Goldchess problems.
You play for real, attractive prizes. You can play either free games, that is Genius Test and Gold 0, which do not require registering and logging in, or you can participate in Tournaments, where an entry fee must be paid. You can play in the R or A Department of the Rosija-America Tournament, or you can take part in the Independent Tournament.
For less experienced players we recommend the free Gold 0 game and the Rosija-America Tournament offering easy problems and considerable prizes, and different groups with separate prize pools for amateurs and professionals.

Important: no stress. When you play with our CEEC you may undo your moves multiple times by clicking on the move you want to undo or you may start the game again /return to position by File-Reopen/ if the selected continuation did not lead to a desired win. 

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us (


Goldchess Tournaments


 Goldchess Tournaments are completely unique and currently are the most attractive tournaments in the whole world, for several reasons:

*They offer a decent pool of prizes from US$ 25.000 to US$50.000
*You start the game from a given position against an educational computer that is not a difficult rival *You play at home without additional cost and free from the usual tournament stress
*And, what’s the most important, the awards are at everybody’s reach because in Goldchess grandmasters, professionals and amateurs have equal opportunities. There is no rule or option that the grandmaster or the strongest player in the tournament must win. We have it tested I practice.
*The players from the whole world may take part in Goldchess tournaments. You may start at the beginning of the tournament or you may join it at any moment afterwards, starting from the next round. Moreover, in the Independent Tournament the chess player is free to choose the time and the day of the week to start playing in a specific round. Full comfort.
*Goldchess combines pleasure wing learning, as our exercises provide excellent lessons in chess playing. You will discover unknown areas and explore new opportunities. Our combinations are not covered by the chessbase that includes more than 8 million games. We show how to play beautifully and creatively. Goldchess also offers an opulence of opening novelties with a plethora of unconventional and successful deviations from the opening theories.

Find out for yourselves. Baby CEEC waits.


The uniqueness and strength of Goldchess - try to solve


Goldchess is a challenge to all chess players and I’m about to write about it in this article.
In Genius Test no-one can do our April problem, also in Independent, there is a problem that hasn’t been solved yet (the fourth week).
We had an Independent competitor who wrote to us about giving him an advice regarding this problem. We asked him to use his Fritz computer to guess 5-10 moves in problems position and then we would tell him if the right move is in the guessed ones. Fritz couldn’t guess the right move which was 23.f4,h4,Rac1,Qc2,a4,Qg4 with information that no other moves are accepted. Don’t believe in the power of your computer.
I repeat once again what I said from the beginning and what can be found in section - About us-: We are giving you Goldchess, a game in which everyone has an equal chance and neither Grandmaster's knowledge nor skill will be helpful, not even much stronger chess computers of higher class; and that is its particularity.Only you, your brain, and our small, yet amazing, educational computer CEEC. /Chess Elite Educational Computer/”
This is the power of Goldchess.
You can’t possibly find out if you can do it unless you try it yourself. In Independent, there will be a problem until someone solves it and there will be accumulation. In Genius Test, if no-one will solve it until the end of April, we will show you solution on the 1st of May. On the 2nd of May we will post a new problem with genius move and a prize of $150 and a Super Genius of Goldchess title.


Difficulty level of games- Goldchess problems


During this year’s Goldchess World Championship, games will be played at the highest difficulty levels ranging from 7 to 9.
By way of explanation: the Goldchess chessbase contains problems at difficulty levels from 1 to 10. Levels from 1 to 3 mean easy problems. Levels from 4 to 6 are more difficult tasks. Levels from 7 to 9 mean very difficult problems, and… Well, by a process of intelligent deduction one can assume that problems with difficulty level of 10, unsolvable for the contemporary players, are either included amongst the most difficult games or constitute a separate category.

As far as real Goldchess tournaments are concerned, the Rosija-America Tournament currently offers problems with difficulty levels from 4 to 6. Independent is a little more difficult, as problems at the same difficulty levels are interspersed with games with difficulty levels ranging from 7 to 9. The purpose is to accumulate a jackpot, which is always an additional stimulus for the chess players and introduces an element of sporting rivalry.

Gold 0 offers problems for beginners, with difficulty levels from 1 to 3, although they may include also more difficult games.

Genius Test. Here brilliance is promoted, so the difficulty levels generally range from 4 to 6. Nevertheless, there are games which seem to fall within that range, and yet cannot be solved by players.

To sum up: I like jokes, so let me say that the difficulty level of the game in this year’s Goldchess World Championship will be 9 and you will have to achieve a rating of 3500 to win. Our CEEC computer, which generally plays at the ELO level of 1800-2000, here played at the level of only 3400 and that’s why it lost the game.

We hope you will keep smiling and remember our Fun and Cash-with Goldchess slogan all the time you spend on our website and participate in our extraordinary tournaments.

Checkmate greetings!





Rosija-America Tournament, Anand-Gelfand match replay in Goldchess, starts on June 11th

8 rounds, lasts until July 30!

Global chess tournament Rosija-America open for players worldwide – 2nd half starting on 11 June at 17.00 CET. Modification: License for new players only US$10, Prize pool of US$ 10,000. This promotional price of license only to June 11.
Rounds from 9 to 15 with US$1000 prize each, Round 16 -US$3.000 prize.
We encourage you to challenge the World Champion positions and defeat our baby CEEC
The licenses are available from today.
                                                  $2500 prize to win in the Independent Tournament!

8 rounds, lasts until July 30!

Independent Tournament – Break after 8 rounds from today till 11 June 2016. We start the 2nd half of the tournament from Round 9 on 11 June 2016 at 17.00 CET. But here you can download the chess problem and you may play any day at any time, whenever you want. You play against time counted from the moment of downloading the problem until the upload of a solution on the website from the game panel in Store tab.
New players may purchase the license for the IndependentTournament covering 8 rounds, i.e. from Round 9 to Round 16. The license fee amounts to US$15. The prize pool: US$ 10,000, This promotional price of license only to June 11.
7 rounds for US$ 1,000 each, solving the problem in Round 12 will give US$ 3,000. The licenses are available from today.
Attention! The chess player that purchases the license n° 500 for the Independent Tournament will be granted a US$ 500 bonus, and the buyer of the license n° 1,000 will obtain the prize worth US$ 2,500!!!

The way to win


In each game of chess we can observe a specific way to win. But the victory may be insipid or spectacular. One may win without getting above average or show off big style. We can admire fascinating big style in chess games of the greatest combination players, such as: Capablanca, Tala, Fischer, Alekhine or the genius of his times, Paul Morphy from the United States. But not only them. Numerous well-known or less known chess players created pretty games, authentic chess diamonds. The paragon and legend of the genre is the immortal Andersen’s game.

Goldchess aspires to contribute to this worldwide beauty by providing its own original chess pearls. You may see them under the Genius Test Winner tab as well as under Distinguished Games.

We recommend them especially to those players who want to participate in our Beauty Contest, with the prize US$ 10 000, for the most beautiful chess game in the world. Let them show you how to understand the refined elegance and inspire you to develop your own enthralling games.

We wish you luck in this endeavor.


Chess player from Medellin - Goldchess ... Where do they like us most?


In the United States: California and New York.
In Russia: Moscow, Astrakhan Oblast, and Saint Petersburg.
In India: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Karnataka.
In China: Beijing, Wuhu and Shanghai.  
Goldchess website is becoming more and more popular. People from all over the world are taking a peep to see what is going on here.
Even Colombians, from the famous city of Medellin :) screen:

The game of the 8th round Rosija-America Tournament


commentary by IM Jakub Czakon
One of 100's most beautiful games of Goldchess

Position after 21 moves 
Replay in Goldchess. Position from the 6th game of Anand-Gelfand match.

22. Rh5!

White needs to move their  pieces towards the black queen as soon as possible to be able to quickly succeed.

22. … Rfd8

Black is adjusting the pieces underestimating  the lurking danger.

23. Re1

The last piece is joining the attack with encouragement to capture the pawn. CEEC likes it… J

23 . …  Q:a2?- and takes the pawn

The continuation of black’s frivolous game after which white will not allow them to go back into action. Much better would be to hold their pieces around the king by 23 …Qf7. White would then also need to show that the seemingly active rook at h5 is a strength, not a weakness.

24. Qf5 !?
A tempting possibility to fork…g6 with a pawnJ. White is counting on it… but it is both, a strength and a weakness.

A difficult moment, a double edged sword. White risked a lot by playing 24.Qf5

It seems that black didn’t find a beautiful riposte, but it was possible to defend with incredible 24. ..R:c3! 25. bc3 Qe2!! And if 26. Qh7+ then Kf7 27.Rf1 Qf2+!! 28. Rf2 Rd1 mate.  WOW!
As an old proverb says –all’s fair in love and war, and white’s aggressive doings could be a double edged sword.
It is also possible:
24…R:c3 25.bc3 Qe2! 26.Rf1 play 26…Rd1! 27.Qc8+ Bd8 and the only thing white and do is to give their queen in exchange for a rook.
28.Qe6+ Q:e6 29.R:d1 Bb6 and now the loss is just a matter of time.


However, an obtrusive move awaited by white is performed:
24. … g6?-

Black falls into the trap. Probably they calculated that after 25.Qf6 would follow 25…R:c3, which would eliminate the threat of mate for good. But white can see one move further ahead…

25. Q:f6

A dangerous mate for which black was prepared. But is it a proper preparation...?

25. …R:c3

Black’s defense seems successful. Capturing the rook with a pawn will be followed byQe2! , after the capture with the queen there’s easy Bh5 with victory for black. But white has a fantastic ace up their sleeve:

26. R:h7!!
a very strong move thrown in. There’s a threat of mate, capturing the rook will be followed byRe7+ Kh6 andQh4 mate. Black is trying to defend actively be counterattacking, they have prepared a distraction:

26. … Bf2+

It needs to be admitted that black is able to find the last defense possibilities and that is beautiful, wow!

27. Kh1!!

After Qf2 would be Kh7 and it’s hard to win. But Kf2 Qb2+ Kg1 is possible and now black needs to move Qb6+ to pull away the danger from their king for the next few moves. However, black chooses beauty and finishes the game immediately.

27 …Kh7
The apparent  black’s advantage is tremendous.

White is leading with a rook and a bishop, three black pawns to capture, but they take none.

28. Re7+
The combination’s finale

Now, if 28. …Kh6 then 29. Qg7+Kg5 30. Re5+ Kh4 31. Qh6+ Kg4 32. Qg5 mate

28. … Qf7

A desperate attempt to delay the mate by one move. But queen jumps into action too late.

29. R:f7+

And black gave up.

White’s aggressive offensive ends brilliantly. However, as we could see, black did not use all their defense possibilities because the equally brilliant result after 24…R:c3, instead of…g6, could have been completely different.

But our CEEC computer will always play worse than you, so that you could win such beautiful games. For the record, there are 24 difficulty levels and, especially for you, in Goldchess CEEC plays on level 5.

Feel invited to join us

Analitics report


written by Goldchess
I’ve found a very interesting data in google analytics. Out of 100% of visitors, 46% are women. Congratulations, join the winners!

Group of 55 years old and older is 10%. This is a lot. We welcome our senior visitors.

The most dominating group, 33%, is the group between 25 and 34 years old.

Second place goes to chess players between 18-24 years old - 27,5%

35-44 years old have 15,5%.

45-54 years old have 12,5%.


We welcome everybody and wish you all good luck.


America leads


Chess Department America wins. In VIIIth round of Rosija-America tournament which is taking place on portal, a prize of $10 000 was divided between professional /IM/ and amateur from China, both playing in Chess Department America. In Chess Department Rosija there is no Russians, so when chess players from Russia start to play the situation may change. As for now, we are half way through the tournament. There is still 8 rounds and $26 000 left, including the last, XVI round on May 7th with $12 000 to win. We invite new players to join the tournament, as you can join at any moment even before the last round. In the attachment there are winners solutions, from the given position after 21 moves.

GM Aleksander Mista



Amateurs and professionals


We would like to inform that we decided to divide our Rosija-America Tournament participants in to two groups: amateurs (with no category or with a category up to 2000 ELO), and professionals (above 2000 ELO). Amateurs and professionals will be classified separately and there will be separate prizes.
This decision was made due to making sure that amateurs can get the first place and the first prize. In this case prize fund will be divided and amateurs and professionals will be classified separately. Out of a group of professionals, the prize will be won by a player who's first to save a solution in his game panel. Analogical, out of a group of amateurs, the prize will be won by a player who’s first to save a solution in his game panel. For the new players, there will be an option to choose whether they are professionals or amateurs in the registration form.
The Organiser

GM Aleksander Mista reviews Goldchess and Rosija-America tournament


Oryginally posted on:

Hello everyone, I am GM Aleksander Mista (Poland, ELO 2580), Team World Champion in solving competition and Hastings 2016 champion. I have become patron of portal and I want to present you this beautiful newcomer to the chess world. Interestingly, it was created by amateur with no high rating or title. The same amateur is the creator of problems being solved by thousands of players from around the world in Rosija – America tournament. Here are my top 3 reasons which made me become patron of Goldchess portal. Reasons in which I didn’t believe at first, until I tried it myself. goldchess

1. The actual game at Goldchess is for all, readily available for a wide circle of chess players. Grandmasters and professionals don’t have better chances than amateur, even though you play against a computer, not so strong – with ELO around 1800. Why everyone has equal chances? Because there is no guarantee that a Grandmaster will come in and solve the problem faster than anyone else. It is also not guaranteed that he will solve a problem at all. I experienced it myself, and moreover it is shown by our experiments with Goldchess games in chess tournaments, for example the Rewal Chess Festival.

2. Other chess computers like Fritz, Stockfish or Houndini can’t solve our chess problems. Therefore, as author has written on the portal, there is only you – the player and CEEC.

3. I was fascinated by the fresh new idea, something unknown in chess. It is appreciating the quality and beauty of chess and combining it with all year long contest for the most beautiful game of the world, with main prize $10 000 on Goldchess portal.

I predict that fast growing Goldchess portal (which is already known on 12 chess portals in the world including Russian and American Chess Federations who are brotherly to Rosija – America tournament) will do wonders for chess promotion and will increase the interest in chess all over the world. That is why I am part of it, because I want to spread chess and it’s beauty. Believe me, Goldchess is more than that – it is also fun and combined with big prizes in the tournament. That is why our slogan is – Fun and Cash with Goldchess. You can check it out yourself. I invite you to Goldchess portal. Everybody will find something for himself there. Visit and enjoy today!

The award ceremony of the first round


On the 22nd of January 2016, after glamorous supper, in the beautiful scenario of Wroclaw Orbis hotel, there was award ceremony of giving 2 x $1000 to both winners of the first round in our Rosija-America Tournament, which is played on The winners are Krystian Jacek (Department America) and IM Paweł Weichhold (Department Rosija).
Moreover, Krystian Jacek received additional $100 for being the first one to buy the license for both departments Rosija and America.
Prize has been handed over by seven Times world champion in solving, Piotr Murdzia.
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In January, our Goldchess patron GM Aleksander Miśta has won prestigious chess tournament in Hastings.

Tournament in Hastings is taking place since 1920.
It was won by famous players such as Rose Raul Capablanka, Aljechin, Tal, Botwinnik, Max Euwe, Karpow orBorys Spasski (all world champions), and from Poles: Akiba Rubinstein, Ksawery Tartakower or American Pole Samuel Rzeszewski (Reshevsky), 1938. After 78 years of absence of Poles, in 2016 we have GM Aleksander Miśta, Goldchess Patron.
We are proud.

Here is our grandmaster’s match played in Hastings which qualified him for the 1st place.


ISC – 12th International Solving Contest – Sunday January 24th 2016


International solving contest. World class, 400 solvers from all around the world.
First Polish triumph.
Piotr Murdzia, 7-times world champion in solving, working with Goldchess portal, scored 1st place in the most advanced group.

If he will keep his form, he will probably get 8th world championship title this year, as we wish it to him.

Second Pole, Piotr Górski, scored also high - 5th place. Third, Kacper Piorun (current world champion), slipped up a little bit and scored 29th. 
We wish Kacper Piorun to do better this year and for both Piotr’s we congratulate Polish success. 

Goldchess Team




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