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More information

Origins was created by a chess friend who loves entertainment at the top intellectual level (highbrows time is coming!). He is an amateur chess player, without any category or rating. The idea of creating emerged out of the blue in the most difficult moment of his life when he was dying from an unknown blood disease, At that time his friend, knowing his passion, brought him a chess computer program called Chess Elite. And that’s how it started.The author played dozens of chess games against the program and, seeing their beauty and uniqueness, he chose several of them and put them in his book “How to defeat a computer in a game of chess?”. At that time, this was the only book in the world dealing with the subject matter.

The inside willpower, fortitude and fascination with the Royal Game allowed him to overcome adversities, win his life and create this most phenomenal project ever. The games were played and constantly improved in the subsequent years, until a set of several hundred of unique chess problems was created. Players from all over the world, competing with each other at, can now solve those problems and win considerable amounts of money. is a game promoting intelligence and creative work of the human brain, and praising the power of reasoning. The game itself is somewhat magic. Professional chess players, including Grandmasters, do not have any greater chance to win than amateurs. In fact, the odds could be even against them winning. This game is open to everybody, beginning from people who have just started their adventure with chess and ending on professional chess players. The author dedicates his book titled “How to defeat a computer in a game of chess?” to all of them. After reading it, the players will be able to play against Chess Elite Educational Computer and compete for prizes. Everyone playing GoldChess has a chance to win.

So, Dear Players, welcome to the magic land called We keep our fingers crossed for you! Good luck!

The Brain Titan title

All our winners are given the title of a “Brain Titan.” A titan is a victorious, undefeated giant, and so are our winners. A Brain Titan is someone endowed with extraordinary intelligence, someone who can defeat our program and win big money. The Brain Titan is an elite title. Only those who are the first to solve our chess puzzles can get it. Try to become the Brain Titan and enjoy the prize and the perpetual title.

Genius corner

For the most talented and brave players we have prepared the Genius corner. Here you will find some chess problems requiring special predispositions towards non-standard thinking. The winners will get satisfaction and the title of GoldChess Genius.

Grandmaster corner is a game for everybody, regardless of their gender, race, age, education or social position. However, among the players here, there are Grandmasters, chess specialists and people who know everything or almost everything about chess. To honor them all we have created Top Goldchess, a Grandmaster corner where special problems for players holding the titles of chess Grandmaster or International Master are available. The prize for the first Grandmaster, International Master, another player or an amateur who sends to a solution to one of such problems involving one move less than the one provided by the author of the problem amounts to $1,000. For those who do not possess the above titles we have a honorary GoldChess Grandmaster title.

Definitions: victory, mate

Mate – mate in a game of chess
Forced mate in 5 moves – mate after 5 sequential checks ended with a checkmate
Victory – the CEEC program gives up and displays a RESIGN message