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In the Analysis I section brilliant games developed by Goldchess and by individual Goldchess participants are presented. The Analysis II section contains games by players from all over the world.

In order to be included in our prestigious, contemporary Genius chessbase, a game must include a dash of genius. Even a single move raising the game and the player who created it above mediocrity, onto our pedestal.

Genius throne of Goldchess

You can submit games from tournaments from all over the world. (Send a .pgn file to; type in -beauty- as the message subject).

If the game is included in the base, it will take part in a Competition for the Most Beautiful Game of 2017, with a first prize of $1,500.

This is a special, supplementary Goldchess educational set. Without it you will never become a great master. Here you will master the arcana of chess that no chess school would teach you. For individual players only.

Unauthorized downloading of materials, games or analyses from for teaching purposes or for use during chess training courses or at chess schools is prohibited.


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